How to Choose a Heating and Air Conditioning System for a New Home

Choosing an air conditioning system for a home is a major decision and an important investment. It plays an essential role in a home’s comfort as well as in its energy costs for several years into the future. Whether it is simply replacing equipment on an existing unit or choosing a system for a new home, the air conditioning system is among the biggest purchases for a home. Once the air conditioning system is in operation, it may take more than 10 years before it can be replaced. Therefore it is important to choose the system wisely because it will be staying in a home for a long time. Choosing the right air conditioning system will ensure that a homeowner avoids unnecessary and costly AC repair Fortlauderdale. In order to avoid unnecessary and costly AC repair Fortlauderdale, a homeowner should bear in mind certain things when choosing a heating and air conditioning system for a new home.

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Tips on Avoiding Unnecessary AC Repairs

The first thing that a homeowner should consider when buying a new air conditioning system is the type of contractor who will install the system. Unless a homeowner has been working in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning field, he/she cannot be in a position to clearly understand everything involved in air conditioning. This creates a loophole for exploitation and one must proceed with caution in order to avoid future AC repair Fortlauderdale. The best thing a homeowner can do is to select a contractor who has been recommended by a friend, neighbor, or a trusted referral network. One should be especially suspicious of telemarketers, door to door salespersons and mailings that purport to offer discounts.

Role of AC contractor on getting new Air Conditioning System

It is also important for the homeowner to select a contractor who has been operating for a reasonably long period of time. A contractor who has been operating for at least 5 years would have more commitment to the work and can be trusted to return in case of problems in the future. It is therefore advisable to choose a contractor who is licensed because the homeowner can conduct background checks on the contractor’s quality of work.

The other thing that a homeowner should consider when choosing a heating and air conditioning system is the electrical requirements of the air conditioning system. The home’s electrical service may affect the AC system’s life. This is because the air conditioning system’s electrical requirements will determine if the home’s electrical service is able to effectively run the new unit, or if it will need to be upgraded to effectively work with the new unit. This is a major factor that needs to be considered by a homeowner when buying a new AC unit because it may lead to future unnecessary AC repair Fortlauderdale. For instance, shifting from an electric powered unit to a gas furnace will obviously require additional rewiring and probably different electrical fittings due to the system’s amperage requirements. Such changes will require a qualified electrician in order to avoid any errors that may occur due to poor workmanship. In addition, such errors may lead to future problems with the heating and air conditioning system, resulting in costly AC repair Fortlauderdale.

Save Energy and Cut Cost by using HVAC System

Whether it is the summer days or the winter days that are ahead, you will most likely be using your HVAC system most of the time if not non-stop. Over time, the efficiency of your HVAC system can drop drastically, whether the temperatures cool down or heat up. If your HVAC system is dirty or not properly maintained, not only will it cause serious problems but will also lead to unnecessary costs on your energy bill. The best way to ease the burden on the HVAC system in your home is to call an AC repair Fort Lauderdale Company for routine maintenance. By preparing your HVAC system for the upcoming months, you will be able to save both energy and money.

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Check for the Professional AC Repair Fortlauderdale Techinician

It has been discovered that an HVAC system that is dirty and not properly maintained can significantly increase energy usage and the utility costs associated with it. An HVAC system that is not performing efficiently can lead to a 30% increase in energy usage. This is why it is necessary to keep an HVAC system maintained. During a typical maintenance check up, an AC repair Fort Lauderdale technician will do the following:

1. Check furnace system controls and thermostats: This will ensure that the starting cycle is working efficiently and properly. This way, the HVAC unit will keep you comfortable when you are at home and will conserve energy when you are away, allowing you to save money too.

2. Lubricate every HVAC moving part and tighten the electrical connections: Lack of adequate lubrication and faulty electrical connections can reduce the life of the components of an HVAC system. Your electricity bills will also increase if the system is operating improperly.

3. Make sure the condensation is working efficiently: A plugged pipe or drain can not only cause water damage, but even the humidity levels in your house can be affected by it.

4. Clean the air conditioning and evaporator coils: If the coils are dirty they can cost you money because the HVAC system’s ability to cool the house efficiently is reduced, which will cause your energy bills to increase.

5. Check air conditioner refrigerant level: The efficiency of an HVAC is also affected if the refrigerant is too little or too much, which will also increase energy costs.

6. Make sure blower components are adjusted properly: The efficiency of HVAC systems can be reduced up to 15% because of airflow problems.

7. Change air filters: HVAC system efficiency is also reduced by dirty filters and this increases costs too.

Call Our Service To Save Energy and Cut Cost

Finding HVAC repair services in the areas surrounding Fort Lauderdale is quite easy. A large number of repair service providers are available all around. Result-oriented, high-quality HVAC services are provided for maximum satisfaction. Surely you will need to call an HVAC repair technician if your HVAC system is malfunctioning, but that is not the only time you need to hire one. As you can see, an HVAC system can only perform efficiently if it is well-maintained and the only way to save energy is to make sure that the system performs efficiently at all times. This is why you should hire a AC repair Fort Lauderdale Company for routine HVAC maintenance.

Improve Your Indoor Air Clean Using HVAC System

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an index that measures the extent of cleanliness of air in the surroundings. Maintenance of standard IAQ is crucial because otherwise it can be disastrous for your health. The IAQ rating is affected by the presence of dangerous gases in air, the most common one being carbon monoxide.

Generally, IAQ ranges between 0-500 and its value is directly proportional to the health concerns of individuals. Higher values are hazardous and lower values are best for environment. Standard value that must be maintained is 100. Any value above it is bad for health.

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Methods Used to Maintain Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to consider indoor air quality when designing HVAC systems. It is evaluated by AC repair Fort Lauderdale at every stage of designing and construction. The most important methods used for improving the Indoor Air Quality ratings are ventilation, filtration, and source control.

An important method to maintain indoor air quality is demand control ventilation where CO2 sensors monitor the amount of gas in air, emitted by the people inside the building, and accordingly it changes the air replacement rate.Sophisticated air filters are also used to trap the air pollutants present in the air. These filters also reduce the quantity of dirt reaching the HVAC system coils. Presence of unhealthy substances and dirt can reduce the efficiency of the system.

High humidity levels encourage the growth of mold, which results in many respiratory problems. For this reason, technicians from AC repair Fort Lauderdale set the system to supply air at lower temperatures. However, this may slightly increase the power consumption of the system. In warmer areas, air is supplied at high temperatures for conserving energy.

Significance of regular air duct cleaning for maintaining IAQ

With regular usage, dirt, pollen, pet dander and dust builds up inside the heating vents. In fact, these types of harmful contaminants will be there in the entire network resulting in the deterioration of the indoor air quality. In fact, grime will also be dispersing into the air each time you use your central air or turn on the heat.

With a professional air duct cleaning service by AC repair Fort Lauderdale, you can easily limit the your family’s exposure to pollen, dirt, dust, and various other airborne pollutants. This type of duct cleaning is quite helpful if any of your family members is suffering from asthma, allergies, and various other respiratory issues.

To enhance the indoor air quality of your HVAC system, the technicians from AC repair Fort Lauderdale will use a high quality Rotobrus to go over every inch of your HVAC system, including:

  • Return air ducts
  • Unit housings
  • Registers and grilles
  • Drain pans
  • Diffusers
  • Supply ducts
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Fan housings
  • And various other components

When you or your family members experience allergy systems, it’s necessary to improve the indoor air quality by getting your HVAC serviced by AC repair Fort Lauderdale. They have years of hands on experience in this field, and have strong presence in local community. In fact, their technicians will also advice you on simple ways that you can use to maintain your HVAC systems resulting in amazing improvement in your indoor air quality.