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AC Repair

AC Repair Fort Lauderdale is a local owned company that has years of experience in servicing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs of both commercial and residential clients in Fort Lauderdale and in other areas around Florida. Our reputation and credibility has grown tremendously within the time we have been in operation. This can be partly attributed to the investment that we have made in ensuring that we deliver quality service that meets and even exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our center of focus has been customer satisfaction through professionally delivered services. Our skilled professionals do periodic surveys to determine the changing landscape of HVAC needs among our clients in the areas we service.

All our service pricing is benchmarked against industry variables and our clients can be assured of quality service at lower than expected prices. We leverage on our large clientele database to offer first class services at affordable prices. We have a plan for each and every client meaning that no commercial or residential customer will be turned away unattended.

The Air Conditioning Services We Offer

Our EPA certified technicians have the professional capacity to identify and service your ac components with such a degree of finesse and precision that can only be found in AC Repair Fort Lauderdale. Our inspection is thorough and we understand the ac systems pretty well because we partner with the leading brands in the industry.

Air Conditioner Repair

Having an efficient ac unit is crucial especially in the hot summers where you need a cooling system that works right. According to the many researches we have done, we have come to the conclusion that an efficient ac unit will save you on power bills, guarantee you quality output and at the same time giving you peace of mind knowing that your unit will not breakdown unexpectedly.

At AC Repair Fort Lauderdale, we have a comprehensive ac repair plan that includes an inspection of your system to diagnose any malfunctions. We have the latest tools and state of art technology to help us identify even the most hidden problems that the naked eye cannot see. We retrain our professionals regularly so as to bring them up to date with the latest development in the ac industry. We repair and replace your ac filters, compressors, fan belts, fan motors and any other components that may make your ac not to work right.

Heat Pumps Repair Fort Lauderdale

We have a special dedicated unit that is equipped with both knowledge and tools that enable them to work on your heat pumps comprehensively. Our skilled technicians will first identify the problem before starting the repair process. In order to avoid surprises as the repair process is going on or even when it is complete, we give upfront quotes to our clients. These quotes are first and final with no addition either midstream or at the end of the project.

The main areas that our professionals look at and repair include indoor unit filters, evaporator coils, fan wheels and motor and sensor holder among others. We have the equipment required to efficiently service the entire heat pump system including leak detection in the valves and flare connections. We attach a great importance to the cleanliness of the heat pump unit and as such, we clear all debris accumulated in the system including dirt and dust. After every heat pump repair, we write a report to the client including some recommendations on the manner in which the heat pump is to be maintained.

Maintenance Service Agreements

At AC Repair Fort Lauderdale, we have different service plans each containing services that we carry out on a contractual basis. We know that regular maintenance can go a long way in saving you from the expenses incurred in emergency repairs, the inconveniences of breakdown and the need to replace your ac unit before the end of its lifespan. Once you enter into a service contract with us, we ensure that we keep our part of the bargain by servicing your HVAC units in the scheduled times. You will also enjoy preferential services that are only given to contractual clients. Some of the services we offer in these contractual packages include cleaning of air ducts, repairing of compressors, checking and repairing of refrigerant leaks among other services.

In order to experience firsthand the comprehensive nature of our services, you can contact us through email, phone or even pay us a visit and we will be glad to take you through our service portfolio.